“GET Brexit Done,” they said, and by golly Johnson and co are really getting something done. Whatever Brexit meant for the voters who supported it, it is still to be determined.

So far, it has cost the UK (Scotland excepted) any respect it had on a global basis. It has lost billions of pounds’ worth of business and trade. It professed to instantly grant access to a world trade order, which has yet to happen. Farmers and fishermen have suffered consequently, as have most other businesses on land. But all this is now well-known information.

Getting Brexit done included not just trade but immigration as well. Tory Britain, or rather little nationalist England, doesn’t want people from Europe, and now most any other country, to work here.

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Brexit certainly dealt with that issue initially by hundreds of thousands of non-UK citizens working in the NHS, farms and factories leaving the four UK countries to return forever to their homelands.

However, there was still one annoying factor for the Johnson outfit, which is the immigration boats arriving on English soil from France. Patel, in her wisdom after several failed attempts to stem this migration, decided to send them to Rwanda.

Not a very good, thought-out policy. The very large Boeing aircraft was ready to take the first 30-odd immigrants, at a cost of a half million pounds sterling (and taxpayers’ money), was eventually stopped by the European Court of Human Rights after most migrants pleaded their individual cases to stay in the UK.

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Another Brexit failure costing the country a small fortune with nothing to show for it. A point in favour for the point of law, for a change. Typically, Johnson has now threatened to change the law, yet again, to suit his ridiculous law-breaking policies.

Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement on Tuesday of finally getting independence done was perfect timing. Scotland can now begin to make waves while we wait for the promised imminent steady feed of much-needed information, some of which cost us a Yes vote in 2014.

The referendum will take place next year, and, with all the much-needed positive facts made clear, should provide a positive result needed for our independent Scotland.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

AS this utterly dysfunctional Prime Minister continues to cling to power, he heralds the break-up of the United Kingdom. In withdrawing from the EU, the largest free trade market in the world, Boris Johnson’s internationally binding Brexit deal has been a disaster for all in the UK. The dubious promises of Vote Leave have not been fulfilled; including controlling immigration and the £350 million a week for the NHS.

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Although the Westminster establishment is desperate to keep the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland together (with its world standing in mind), the Celtic nations have had enough. Anglo/British nationalism with the infamous Nationality and Borders Bill, scrapping the European Bill of Rights and shipping refugees to Africa has created democratic independence movements throughout the UK.

The ancient sovereign nation of Scotland must leave this damaged Union when its people, in full control of its many assets, can determine its future destiny.

Grant Frazer

YOU inform us that “Ross says he will boycott ‘Wildcat referendum’” (June 15). It is the case that people who do not vote in democratic countries, when able to, are simply not counted.

Ross hasn’t spotted it yet, but he really doesn’t count.

Christopher Bruce