WINDFALL tax finally emerges, but it is too little too late and goes nowhere near far enough. What about the large corporations making billions, are they to remain with shareholders while many households struggle? What about the price discrimination between those on pre-payment meters and those who pay by Direct Debt – didn’t this deserve action?

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No mention from the Chancellor on raising benefits (3.1% rise this year) in line with the 40-year high inflation rate (9%) or reinstatement of the £20/week uplift to Universal Credit. Instead, we got a sticking plaster from a Chancellor whose UK Government is the only G7 government to raise taxes on working people this year and who has imposed more than a dozen tax rises.

Thursday’s U-turn by the Chancellor was not an announcement for struggling households, it was an attempt to put out the fire and appease his back benchers in light of the publication of the Sue Gray’s report. The country will see through his U-turn.

Catriona C Clark