SCOTLAND has the legal and democratic right to secede from the treaties that currently make us subservient in the “equal” Union of England and Scotland.

Those rights are regularly announced in UN charter, but! But, the SNP wants to do it a different way. They feel the need to prove that we like the SNP!

They seem to believe that having an SNP government in Scotland for a dozen years, “doesn’t really count”. That rejection of the Tories in Scotland since the fifties, “doesn’t really count”.

That outstanding wins at every electoral level in Scotland by the SNP “doesn’t really count”.

Something is very wrong here, and ignoring it will, and can only, make our lives more difficult.

Our MPs and our MSPs are not elected to argue with England about our right to govern ourselves freely, they are there to tell England that enough is enough and that we are out of this abusive relationship as of now.

And yet it isn’t happening? Our politicians are supine, slow, indirect, misdirected and have lost sight of this most important part of their brief. Yes, I know that they have done well as a government.

Becoming the government of Scotland was simply a step on the way to independence. I’m proud of what they’ve done to prove we can govern our country better than England can.

But the SNP, the party of independence, spent four years trying to prevent England getting its own independence from the EU, (stupid though that was), but totally ignored the fact that during those four long years, they had the power, with 53 out of 57 MPs, to withdraw from that poisonous Union quite legally. Remember this, the self made laws by abusers, thieves, and liars are not laws which bind Scotland. Why do I have to say this? It is self evident.

Christopher Bruce

SINCE Westminster under the criminal and unionist party of the pathological liar Johnson are drawing up legislation to break an International Treaty it negotiated and signed two years ago!

So presumably the criminal and unionist party will support the Holyrood Parliament drawing up legislation to break the 1707 Act of Union treaty as it clearly is not working.

Rab Doig

PATRICK Harvie, co-leader of the Greens, is reported in the Daily Record as saying that Nato membership for Scotland would not give us security but put us in peril.This is very true we would continue to be in great peril especially now with the increasing danger of nuclear war and more so as can be seen from the Russian MOD video of a nuclear bomb in the Atlantic causing a giant tsunami covering half of Scotland.

This means it’s imperative for Scotland to become independent ASAP and get rid of Trident and other nuclear targets.

Colin Beattie
via email

WHEN did the Union of Crowns become a crown of thorns?

WJ Graham East Kilbride AT the risk of being accused of not being a “proper” nationalist, although I have been a supporter of independence for more than 30 years, I would like to state that I do not want to see a Scottish Republic.

I have three main arguments against this: 1) President Thatcher 2) President Blair 3) President Johnson As my late father, who was at Hamilton Grammar alongside Margo Aitkin, was quick to point out: “The monarch is important in the fact that has powers which holds, but which it does not use.”

Or do we take a risk with the megalomaniacs I have already mentioned?

Andrew Haddow

ABBI Garton-Crosbie’s article, “PM accused of ‘placating DUP’ in Stormont visit”, in The National yesterday reveals that the Irish Protocol could bring Boris Johnson’s reign as prime minister to an end; his personal claims and boasts over the removal of the threat of a border in the Irish Sea now exposed as worthless.

He is not going to “get things done” this time by evading the nationalist majority’s questions, the DUP will not be bought off and dumped again and legislation to break a specific recent international agreement might have a long and doubtful passage through Westminster.

In fact Boris Johnson has a long history of moving on leaving behind him a legacy of failures and unfulfilled promises to be dealt with by others.

Perhaps his recent preoccupation with the crisis in eastern Europe is an indication that he is about to make a move from national politics to fullfil his ambition by taking his place as a statesman on the global stage.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

BRIEFLY getting the tail end of Nick Ferrari on today’s LBC, he was speaking to a Scottish lady and Scotland’s education came up, he said by all measures it was falling.

No mention of the Eurostat figures that proved Scotland has the highest educational levels in Europe. It would be great if The National could contact LBC as Nick seems to have omitted this fact.

Richard Earley via email IS anyone surprised (Scottish Labour chiefs ‘approve’ Tory council deals, leaked memo suggests, May 17)? Surely this is proof that many of the remaining members of Scottish (sic) Labour might think about – considering their position as so many others have already done.

Roy Doig