READING the recent article regarding the SNP’s defence spokesperson Stewart McDonald’s verbal attack on backbench Tory Michael Fabricant, I reflected on why a man such as the MP for Lichfield is consistently voted back into the House of Commons by his constituents despite his long-standing fundamentalist right-wing beliefs (Tory MP slammed as ‘idiot’ over ‘outrageous’ attack, Apr 29).

His latest remark about Ukrainian refugees reflects his party’s heartless and inhumane ideology regarding immigration and vulnerable people in general. However, Mr Fabricant, a persistent apologist for his mendacious leader, has a track record of what may be regarded as extremist behaviour within the confines of a liberal democracy.

Ten years ago he was a keen advocate of a political pact between the Conservative party and Ukip as the latter group reflected his views on an insular, xenophobic and empirically nostalgic UK and consequent Brexit deal. It has been reported that in the 1980s his former company was effectively an arm of the apartheid state in South Africa, supporting a discriminatory and aggressively racist government.

He has been accused more than once by members of his own party of demonstrating Islamophobic behaviour and flippant misogyny and in April 2022 compared Boris Johnson’s role in “partygate” to teachers and nurses having a drink in the staff room after a long shift. Members of both professions were rightly outraged by being compared to a Prime Minister who arrogantly flouts any rule or law he deems inconvenient and by the implication that they would participate in such unprofessional and recalcitrant conduct.

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We can only conclude that Mr Fabricant’s constituents are sympathetic to his hardline views and opinions and that MPs like him are now firmly in the mainstream of the Conservative party.

In Scotland, under the additional member voting system, Conservative MPs with what we could term euphemistically as having more interesting right-wing views, like the fatuous Murdo Fraser or the bombastic Stephen Kerr, slither into parliament through their party list and arguably do not reflect traditional Scottish Conservatism.

Historically, Scotland aspires to be a socially democratic state that champions inclusion, diversity and social justice. The difference between our core political beliefs and many constituencies in England is stark and becoming increasingly disparate. We have much in common, but in terms of ethics and ideals an insurmountable gap has opened up. I cannot for the life of me imagine a Michael Fabricant being elected in any Scottish constituency or attracting anything but a tiny minority of the voting public here to support his right-wing radical views.

Our democratic future now depends solely on independence.

Owen Kelly

DESPITE claims and indications to the contrary, it is alleged by some that the Alba party don’t really seek Scottish independence. Even more alarmingly, it is also alleged the senior echelons of the Scottish National Party are not seriously seeking independence. Having missed the open goal presented by Brexit and having dragged their feet on independence while focusing on the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not surprising that SNP support is on a fine line while maintaining independence as a non-priority issue.

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Meanwhile huge numbers, year after year living on the scraps from Westminster table while those down there scoff our resources, desperately seek independence as an obvious route toward a home-derived and much-desired fair and equitable society, as evidenced in many other small European independent nations. As anyone knocking doors in recent weeks might also have noticed, an air of despondency is evident among some long-standing independence supporters.

We can all clearly understand the intent of Unionist parties regarding independence. Similar clarity is required before Thursday of parties on the other side of the fence if a robust pro-independence result is to be confirmed on Friday.

Tom Gray
via email

THE world has indeed gone mad – a module for midwifery students at Edinburgh Napier University has an introduction stating that “a birthing person may have male genitalia”.

Only in their imaginations is such a thing possible – they are trying so hard to be politically correct while being absolutely wrong.

No matter your views on trans persons, a woman cannot become a man nor a man a women – biological fact, and no amount of surgery or chemical intervention will allow such change to be possible. You can change your gender but not your sex.

The lack of knowledge about sex and gender is horrific – a prime example was D Ross on The Seven who completely muddled up the argument, stating that a trans woman had changed their sex and not their gender. He is supposed to be informed, especially if he is going to pontificate on TV about the issue.

Winifred McCartney