INTERESTING to see Neil Oliver being taken to task for his interpretation of history (Top historian questions ‘media culture; for facilitating Oliver rants, Apr 26). It really does highlight that having a university education does not give you an automatic qualification in all subjects.

Now as Oliver works for the BBC and GB News, both organisations are happy enough to gloss over that for as long as he can cram in as many derogatory remarks about Scotland and independence in the time allotted to him. It is of course the traditional fudge factor used extensively but not uniquely by the propaganda outlets – they wheel out people to talk on subjects that they are no better qualified on than you or I.

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Now to the Conservative and Unionists and the continuing slow-motion train wreck that is a Nadine Dorries interview. She has hit the headlines again. I do get that when you get a camera and mic pushed against you and you are asked to comment, some people freeze, they literally dry up, but should that be happening on pre-requested interviews or ones that you have had a couple of minutes to compose yourself for? I often think that she is wheeled out just to make Johnson look competent!

Meanwhile in Rory Stewart’s world he thinks it would be insane to think of England and Scotland as two separate countries? No, Rory, you are thinking like a Tory because they are two separate countries joined (for now) in a Union, one from which Scotland wants out of as a matter of urgency.

You and your kind sucker-punched enough voters in 2014 into believing the Better Together lies. I now rather suspect, Rory, that you realise that will not happen in the referendum of 2023. There is absolutely nothing left to the benefit of Scotland should we remain in this Union.

Rory, you and I know that, and the majority of the electorate in Scotland know that. For you to attempt to partition our nation with your Scottish Borders and Cumbria statement is straight out of the colonial handbook, the chapter titled “how to screw up a country going independent”.

We have had time since 2014 and we have used that time wisely to look at our mistakes and learn from them, and because of that we will ensure that we will not suffer defeat again.

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In 2016, as Scotland voted to remain in the EU, we witnessed your propaganda but more importantly we discovered that we can be burn through it and convince the electorate that you are indeed prophets of doom.

We stood with mouths agape as you placed Johnson in Downing Street. No, Rory, there is no coming back from this one – your empire is done.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans for Scottish Independence 2.0

I AM stunned that Rory Stewart who occasionally talks a bit of sense would be stupid enough to say what he did. Has he asked the people of Scottish Borders and Cumbria how much they have in common with each other? I guess not.

Scotland has been a country and nation for many centuries before it was enslaved in this pathetic Union, which was done without the agreement of the general Scottish population.

Just because Scotland adjoins England in the land mass of Great Britain – unfortunately!!! – does not mean it is the same country as England and it never will be.

Eilidh Mack

RORY Stewart is simply yet another obnoxious Tory talking tripe. He is what a Gaelic speaker would call a “dearg-amadan”. In other words a “complete idiot”.

Teaching Gaelic and slagging of Tories at the same time! Who says men can’t multi-task?

Daibhidh Beaton