THE Scottish Government has published its Hunting with Dogs (Scotland) Bill. As we have been predicting for some time, the bill contradicts the findings of the Scottish Government’s own review, carried out by Lord Bonomy, by restricting the number of dogs that can be used in fox control to two.

In choosing to legislate in this way, without necessity or justification, the Scottish Government is in danger of compromising both the livelihoods of farmers and the ability of land managers to protect threatened wildlife, including capercaillie and curlew. The only way the damage done by these proposals can be mitigated is by ensuring that the proposed licensing scheme is workable, practical and open to all farmers and land managers who use packs of dogs as part of their fox control measures.

We are urging the public to help us take action against this dangerous bill by contacting your MSP. You can do so by visiting:

Jake Swindells
Director of the Scottish Countryside Alliance