ROSS Greer has put the spotlight on the neoliberal greenwashing. When will all our fellow citizens realise “the emperor has no clothes”.

First “The Boris” gets his attack on democracy past the initial stage in the Commons. See how the unelected peers responded? With utter contempt.

His policies echo those of the extreme right in the US of A, the so-called champion of democracy. In Georgia, the Republicans have criminalised handing water to someone queuing to vote! And the Republicans in the Senate have voted to continue the anti-democracy policy of them choosing who can and cannot vote.

Let us not forget who the Tories sat with in the European Parliament. They sided with those of the far right from countries where constitution change was used to challenge and stifle opposition. And 90-odd years ago a constitution was so altered, it in effect changed the world.

While here in Britain, as there is no written constitution to be changed, they can do their will. The party in power with a majority can impose any diktat that it wishes, full in the knowledge there will be no effective opposition.

Yes our Scottish Parliament may well reject the contents of the Westminster bill. But we need to make a stand. Is there an independent-minded MSP who will table a motion in our parliament to the effect that it instructs all Scottish councils and council election officials to ignore the photo-ID aspect of Westminster’s wishes if and when it becomes law?

And then we had the attack on the Court of Session. Surely a real and tangible attack on the very concept of Scots law and its difference and independence from English law.

Now we have the denial of downright lies. Was it Himmler or Goebbels who claimed if you say it often enough it becomes the truth! That is what they, “The Boris” and his cronies, are trying on. Trying to alter the facts and the truth.

Enough is enough. We need to be free from their malevolent views and actions.

Now we have the so-called green ports, or is it “green freeports”. Our Scottish Government, hand and hand with “The Boris” and Westminster plans to anoint two Scottish councils with a “parcel of gold” at the fag end of the councils’ reign, burdening the new council with a poison chalice. Do we want another “parcel of rogues”?

The proposal, if it comes to pass, will result in the transfer of jobs into the new area. Not new jobs. New short-life warehouses – the planners cannae reject because they are “no bad” just not “rank bad”. New infrastructure should strive for excellence and to last for generations. Will the “cosmetic” short-term financial benefit for a few change them from “mibbies ayes” to “mibbies naws”? And as the excellent Finance and Banking Group papers pointed out in The National throughout 2021, do the bulk of the benefits really hemorrhage to offshore tax havens and foreign interests?

Look, and see. The emperor has no clothes!

Is this an opportunity for electing councillors who are not prepared to see our democracy torn asunder? Who will reject Westminster’s interference and dilution of our devolved institutions?

Can we have candidates in all of our 32 separate council areas for an informal electoral “arrangement” for the May elections? Candidates who are “genuinely” seekers of a free and independent Scotland and not “party hacks” wedded to neoliberalism. I think many of the local Yes groups will be able to provide sound pointers. This would not result in an SNP hegemony.

This way may well be the catalyst to reduce the number of Unionist councillors, and fellow travellers, to a rump across the whole of our country and be a way forward to securing our destiny.
Willie Oswald
Via email