WITH the latest revelation about yet another Covid-regulation-busting party at 10 Downing Street, an apology and even the resignation of the Prime Minister is simply not enough. Nor can we let the Metropolitan Police force lead in any investigation into the rule-breaking of the Prime Minister and his colleagues.

The actions of the Good Law Project highlight that the Met are tainted by their association with the Tory government, deliberately failing to investigate the actions of the Prime Minister and his colleagues. Apparently even the cops at the front door of No 10 Downing Street couldn’t be used to let the Met know of the consistent Covid rule breaches carried out by the Prime Minister and his staff.

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The Met cannot be trusted to investigate the Prime Minister. It would need an outside police force to fully investigate his actions and – if appropriate – bring charges against him and his colleagues for their persistent flouting of Covid regulations.

While they are at it, it would be useful to have experienced fraud squad officers investigate every single Covid contract signed off by the Prime Minister and his colleagues, and further charges of fraud should be made against anyone involved in the dodgy contracts – including the £37 billion for a failed Track and Trace system.

The Prime Minister believes he is above the law, and so do his colleagues who raided the public purse to enrich themselves and their friends while the public were left unprotected from Covid. It’s about time the Prime Minister and his cronies were made to answer for their crooked behaviour.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

WE have indeed reached the point where much of the country appears to be numbed to the corruption and mendacity of the Prime Minister. The latest news that yet another party was held at Downing Street that flagrantly and arrogantly breached lockdown rules comes as no surprise to any sentient being living in the UK. Boris Johnson seems determined to fulfil his “clone of Trump” destiny by practising amoral, exceptionalist behaviour as his norm, regardless of the damage he inflicts on his party or the people unfortunate enough to live in the UK at this present time.

Fifty years from now, historians will judge Johnson’s administration as the catalyst that witnessed the break-up of the UK. They will rightly examine its attempts to dilute human rights, the pursuit of a disastrous Brexit and its practice of widespread malfeasance as major reasons why disillusionment with its brand of Conservatism became unacceptable to many. Crucially, they will compare Johnson’s cavalier and pitiless leadership style with former President Trump’s and find that their arrogant and seemingly unaccountable authority owed much to a supine and deferential party that supported them.

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Conservative ministers and MPs largely stand by their leader regardless of his unethical behaviour, contempt for the truth and malevolent buffoonery because he is unapologetically populist in method and procedure. Like Trump, Mr Johnson can only now maintain his position as leader if his party colleagues underpin his position despite overwhelming evidence that he is unfit both morally and strategically to be Prime Minister.

The man who said he was quite willing to “let the bodies pile high” during the worst of the pandemic is a cancer in the body politic and needs to be discarded by those closest to him. The Conservative party and their confederates can no longer defend the indefensible. The damage he has inflicted on public trust and any pretence of social equality and justice is irreparable.

Scottish Conservatives must break ranks with their masters in London and accept the inevitability of independence or disappear without trace. Either option would suit me.

Owen Kelly

TORY MP MICHAEL Fabricant defending the PM and the Downing Street party with BYOB is such an insult to every citizen of this country. He states that they worked so hard for all of us – I have to ask, therefore, is this so unusual that they have to be rewarded with a party?

He wants to get out into the real world of hospitals, where staff were working in the good weather and heat wearing full protective clothing and masks. Staff in care homes, waste collection and disposal, cleaners, police and fire services, transport workers, supermarket employees and delivery drivers were doing the real hard workers of this country that we cannot do without, and have proved themselves to be the most important and most needed people in this country.

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It is an outrage that Boris Johnson can literally laugh when asked a question about the BYOB party – he is quite simply laughing at all of us and should do at least one honourable thing in his life and resign immediately. He has lied to parliament and to every one of us.

Winifred McCartney

I AM alone in thinking that EVERYONE who attended the Downing Street party should be looking at police charges? Also EVERYONE who attended parties at other government offices.

Willie Anderson

I THINK it is now time for Nicola to host a BYOS party. The Bring Your Own Saltire party will be the first event in the freedom campaign.

M Ross

SINCE Novak Djokovic is not keen on vaccinations, maybe he should change is name to Novax Djokovic.

James Arthur