IT is my opinion that because of England’s gutless Prime Minister, they will face a shutdown by the end of January as a consequence of his lack of leadership!

Isn’t it funny how Douglas Ross thinks all the other three countries in this “union of equals” are all wrong and England is right?

The only reason the PM keeps using the word “caution” all the time is because he and his party know that as soon as the words “closure” or “restrictions” are mentioned, furlough will have to be reintroduced. They desperately do not want to do that again despite it being the right thing to do!

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Remember, furlough was only extended previously when it was recognised that England needed it too, and this after the devolved nations who had called for its extension were told there was no chance of this happening!

So there you have it again, re-affirmation that we are not a nation of four equal countries but that things are only approved if it’s found England needs them.

More proof that we need to extract ourselves from this dishonest, disfunctional cesspit that, despite not having a written constitution, likes to think of itself as the gold star of democracy and the mother of all parliaments. Well this is a “mother” who very soon should be a divorcee!

Steve Cunningham