THERE’S nothing wrong about having a second job. It is common enough for family breadwinners to hold down two jobs, even three, and I’ll not be surprised if there are those with four or more.

It is a given expectation that MPs must honestly put the hours in to properly accomplish their duties as an elected representative. My own opinion is that it is none of our business if an MP has a second job and provably shows his or her worth as an MP too.

The problem in Westminster is that the “second job” is actually being an MP. Lobbying is an industry of itself and despite all the apologists trying to say lobbying is something necessary and worthwhile, the fact remains lobbying is the primary tool of corruption.

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Thus, on MPs second jobs the truth of it is that the swamp floats on lobbying. BoJo’s declaration on no second jobs is a huge surprise – Tory turkeys voting for Christmas, kill the Golden Goose etc.

What are they up to? Crooks by default don’t just up arms and throw the black mask and swag bag away.

Nicholas Durant