WHILE shopping in a local Sainsbury’s store, my wife came across this fitting notice which I thought I’d share with you. It was covertly placed in one of the many empty shelves located in the fresh fruit/vegetables section.

What a good way to protest and highlight that Brexit is indeed a big factor in causing this type of problem – one of many problems linked to the Brexit folly, by the way. It rightly refutes the Tory “spin” that is being foisted on the Scottish public in either not mentioning Brexit at all or bogusly claiming it has nothing to do with Brexit, ie IT WISNAE US!! Aye, that’ll be right eh!!

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I hope this form of “silent protest” escalates and gradually moves from one community to the next on a grand scale – time to strike back regarding this “like it or lump it” ploy that is being played out by this awful Tory Brit government: WE DIDNAE VOTE FOR BREXIT – START LISTENING, PLEASE!!

Bernie Japs