AC Grayling has said: “I have now come to the view that it is unconscionable that Scotland, which voted to be in the EU, should be dragged out by England which pays so little attention, has so little interest and care really for Scotland, other than as a useful appendage.”

If England’s Brexit is what has brought about his regret, then so be it. Everyone has their own trigger point. However, I suspect that Professor Grayling knew little about Scotland when he added his support to Dan Snow and Tom Holland’s love bomb campaign in 2014.

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Why he considered Tom Holland an authority on Scotland, when Holland admitted to never having set foot in the country before 2014, remains a mystery. Less of a mystery is Dan Snow’s motivation, being married into the UK’s wealthiest family, the Grosvenor family headed by the Duke of Westminster, who happens to be one of Scotland’s biggest private landowners and property magnates.

Thom Muir