I SEE the old pals’ act is alive and well in international politics with Gordon Brown’s long-time friend offering him the post of WHO ambassador for global health financing. Maybe if the WHO had bothered to look at Brown’s track record, it would have realised what a danger he will be in such a post.

Scotland’s public services – and in particular Scotland’s NHS – are suffering from the disastrous PFI experiment which Brown forced upon them. While his banker friends have got rich from PFI deals, health boards and councils are left picking up the tab for a flawed financing scheme first invented by the Tories but enthusiastically supported by Brown.

I fear for anyone having to put up with Brown’s advice and worry that those countries most in need of help from organisations such as the WHO will now find themselves fleeced while Brown looks for opportunities to enrich his banker friends while public services will be undermined by his scams like PFI.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren