I SEE the self-proclaimed guardian of public morals and Tory MSP Douglas Lumsden is offended by some tweets made years ago by comedian Janey Godley. I would suggest that more people – like myself – are offended by the actions of the Tory party and its politicians than anything a comedian could ever say.

We are currently in a Covid pandemic which has been so badly handled by the Tory government in Westminster that 150,000 people are no longer alive to be offended by a comedian’s tweets. We have seen a Tory government under Boris Johnson turn their back on those needing care and instead used dodgy Covid contracts to line the pockets of their family, friends and business partners. And let’s not forget the rape clause and the bedroom tax – all supported by the easily offended Tory MSP whose name I’ve forgotten while typing out this email.

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Words don’t offend me, actions do and seeing a corrupt Tory government use Covid, Brexit and any other excuse to line their own pockets while others suffer and die is offensive. People in this MSP’s region (because he wasn’t popular enough to win a constituency) will be queuing up at food banks this week to feed themselves and their families – this offends me more than Ms Godley’s tweets. I have the choice to ignore or block her tweets; those relying on charity to feed themselves don’t have any other option thanks to the corruption and greed of the Tories.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren

ON July 16 and 17 I emailed every single Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party MSP & MP alongside some Tory-affiliated members of the House of Lords. I asked their position on the Northern Ireland protocol and the border in the Irish Sea between Stranraer and Belfast.

Some in the party previously threatened to resign over the issue. I have yet to receive a single reply.

Scottish Labour say the Northern Ireland protocol is bad for Scottish businesses and that “We need a long-term plan to enable seamless trade between Scotland and Northern Ireland and protect the countless businesses which rely on it.”

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Scottish LibDem MP Alistair Carmichael has said: “The Northern Ireland protocol was hastily cobbled together and badly thought out. Already we are seeing the devastating consequences of that decision.”

Yet the Conservative & Unionist Party lawyers have been arguing the case in Belfast High Court that the Northern Ireland protocol repeals parts of the Act of Union...

Alan Day
Cookstown, County Tyrone

NOW that the Prime Minister has received a Commons majority for his £12 billion tax to pay for health and social care, Scotland will be entitled to its share, about £1.124 billion, which should be put, as Common Weal suggests, towards the new Scottish National Care Service.

But instead of propping up the private-sector care providers, many of whom provide a dismal, profit-driven service, as will happen in England, Common Weal suggest that the Scottish Government should take advantage of this unexpected windfall (paid for by Scottish National Insurance payers), and create a not-for-profit National Care Service, equal in status to the NHS.

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This would have the two-fold benefit of improving care for those who need it whilst taking a huge amount of pressure off the NHS.

An unexpected windfall – the manner of which we might not agree, but will happen anyway – could perhaps transform the lives of people requiring care in Scotland.

Les Mackay

IS is not time that the SNP started to honour its pledge to the Scottish people? Over many years we have faithfully supported them, ensured the party regained power, even at times when there has been confusion over what the party actually stands for – the equivocations, the “now is not the time”s, squabbles amongst members, “the priority is Covid recovery” – we have stood firm.

The last of these is an honourable stance, but come on... all members have one goal, INDEPENDENCE, and that was why we held faith, flew Saltires, gave out leaflets, and those who could marched or rode motorcycles!

The FM has done a great job... but the time is running out for the constant hedging that seems to be happening. The leader should be leading, and “National” in the party’s title should be a daily reminder that that is why they have support.

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Come on, get the act together and get us out of this mess created by those whose name does not even merit mentioning, and honour the pledge that got you to power but seems now to have put on a back burner. We want independence, SNP, not a lifelong promise that is never realised. We will fight alongside you, we will stand up for what we want and face down the nay-sayers, but the starting gun needs to be fired and we are not hearing it! We won’t wait forever!

I am not alone in thinking this, as evidenced by the letters in The National, and patience can wear thin. It’s guy thin at the moment so make sure, SNP, that you do the right thing and don’t leave us wondering if it’s another Scottish folk tale for future generations to smile sadly at!

E Ahern
East Kilbride

WHAT a mess he gets himself in. He clearly doesn’t think before he opens his mouth. Yes it’s Douglas Ross again!!!! It’s regarding Holyrood passing legislation to introduce vaccination passports in Scotland. He clearly instinctively votes against Holyrood legislation, whatever its merits! He’s tweeted he’d vote against it, and yet Westminster is introducing a similar bill. As he’s also an MP, will he vote “yes” at Westminster and “nae” at Holyrood? If he does, it proves what a charlatan he really is!

Robin MacLean
Fort Augustus