IF Alex Cole-Hamilton really believes that his three MSPs are “crackling with talent and ideas” he has not seen the election communications from his predecessor in the post of leader of the laughable Liberal Democrats (Willie Rennie gets role in Alex Cole-Hamilton’s reshuffled LibDem team, August 27).

As his constituent, every communication I have received from Willie Rennie presents a list of cafes and restaurants he has visited, businesses he has called in on and other people’s campaigns he has tagged himself on to. It is all the work of somebody else and any original idea is hard to find.

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Even his “second divisive referendum” mantra was borrowed from Baroness Davidson of somewhere in Fife.

I do wonder if perhaps Mr Cole-Hamilton has been careless with his choice of mushrooms at breakfast because I can see no sound reason to think of Willie Rennie as “crackling with talent and ideas”.
Ni Holmes
St Andrews