HAVING recently returned from a touring holiday in the Republic of Ireland, I was less than surprised to note that most of the UK media is content to persevere with the myth that supermarket and other shortages are the result of the so called “pingdemic”.

The Road Haulage Association reports that there is currently a shortage of 100,000 lorry drivers in the UK, a figure no doubt exacerbated by rising Covid cases but principally caused by an exodus of EU drivers due to a cataclysmic Brexit.

Supermarkets in Ireland, an EU country, do not appear to have experienced anything like the ongoing crisis in the UK where we now learn that the army is on standby to try to fill the delivery void.

Leaving aside the fact that 2000 soldiers who are qualified HGV drivers will barely make a dent on a nationwide predicament, the decision to consider such a drastic measure speaks volumes of the chaotic and dysfunctional nature of the UK Government and its leader and the unforgivable avarice and recklessness of those ministers who delivered a devastating Brexit agreement.

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This is just the start. The UK is now in free fall economically, socially and politically. History shows that there are seminal events in determining the future of individuals and countries.

The Scottish Government must act now to put independence at the forefront of its very existence. Failure to do so will not be forgotten or forgiven by future generations.

Owen Kelly

I’VE enjoyed all the comment in The National around the consequences of telling a lie in the Houses of Parliament.

It only serves to bolster the case that it is an unfit place for any Scottish involvement.

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In the meantime, my question is: “How should Boris Johnson be addressed?”

Obviously “Right Honourable Gentleman” breaches the rules on at least two counts.

Robert G Clark