LIKE all of the three English party leaders, Wee Wullie Rennie has called for the resignation of SNP ministers monotonously throughout his career to the encouragement of the English-based and biased media. Like all of the previous three-party leaders, he had to follow his own advice by resigning himself.

Wee Wullie, after calling for the SNP to resign en masse, stabbing them in their backs when nobody was looking, has hoisted himself on his own petard and committed Harry Kari. It’s all hands on the Titanic and Britannia decks for the Unionists, backs to the wall and noses to the grindstones.

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Whatever will Wee Wullie and his limpid successors do for their next photie shoot? A Knchitiehood, or Ordah of the Brutish Empah, frae the English Jelly Bean?

The barrel of laffs has been well and truly scraped. Metaphors are in the melting pots. So who really cares which numpty steps up to the firing line to be dolly shotted?

Donald Anderson