A RECENT conversation with an intelligent man prompted me to send in this story. We were discussing the pandemic and we both agreed that airline travel ought to have been closed down at the start, thereby saving hundreds of lives. “Nicola just didn’t have the balls to do it!” was his next comment!

I looked at him, shocked, and stated that airports were NOT a devolved issue! A heated conversation ensued, during which I was pointing out just what our own parliament is actually “allowed” to do. It was painfully obvious that many people, like this man, had no knowledge of devolved Scottish powers.

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The answer to this problem is quite clear: we need the SNP to list all the issues they are actually in charge of, and those which are still under the power of London. Perhaps then the “No brigade” will realise that Scotland merely gets “pocket money” out of the UK’s coffers and has extremely limited powers. Until this basic issue is addressed, we will forever be attempting to put our point across.

Rosemarie Hogg