WITHOUT a doubt individuals – and by that I mean a few – did make good money from the empire. However for the majority, the vast majority there would be no “imperial dividend”. So with that simple but straightforward statement I again ask “of what benefit was the British Empire to Scotland”?

The simple answer is of course none, and indeed it could be reasonably argued that had not that cursed hierarchy centred on London not had imperial dreams then there would have been no need for them to go chasing a union with Scotland.

Had not that union happened then our people’s may not have been evicted from their homes by a brutal aristocracy.

Had we not been tied to the expansions of an imperial UK then we as a country may not have suffered the losses of men and women in imperial fighting and two world wars.

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Had not all money been centred on London then social reforms may have arrived faster and to give you some idea of what I mean, it was not until the passing of The Housing (Repairs and Rents) (Scotland) Act of 1954 that forced local authorities to draw up plans for slum clearance.

Had we not been tethered to the imperial outlook, that overly inflated superiority of inbred thinkers then our links with the continent would be stronger, remember we were Europeans long before any union of 1707.

But still we can look to the glories of empire and forever eat from silver plates and drink from gold goblets oh what a fortune people we are. We can all marvel as we watch Trident missile submarines sail from our shores each carrying an unimaginable capability to destroy our species yet not provide enough food for our children to eat.

We rejoice in the trappings of state within Westminster a house that chambers the second largest unelected legislative body in the world. All paid for from the public purse then turn to our NHS and see that it’s funding has been slashed time after time after time.

However we should not be worried as “good Queen Bess” and her entourage of leaches are safe in their gated communities well removed from the consequences of their actions. They have also clearly identified an enemy in our midst and an enemy out with.

Oh how they have turned the masses against asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and immigrants in general for are these people not the very architects that have brought about the downfall of good old Blighty? And now that the EU is no longer the ogre it was we see the sights shifting once more onto the Russian Bear, yes it is the turn of Russia to be the threat! A position that it has found itself to be in as far as the Oxbridge aristocracy is concerned for about 100 years with a brief interlude from 1941 to 1945 when in fact they were our friend and ally.

So much of an ally was the then USSR that every year we here in the UK mark the gallant sacrifice made by millions in the Soviet forces, a sacrifice that broke the armies of the last populist leader to threaten Europe. Oh wait, we don’t do that, do we? No that’s right we do the other thing, the hyper-inflation of the imperial contribution, the Britain stands alone thing was propaganda to get the US involved because at no time was Britain standing alone.

So they that would control us remain static whilst the rest of the world moves on. Johnson and his Cabinet of village councillors sitting in their bunker complex each one with a hot line to their ministry, each one detached from reality and having their ego massaged by colleagues to their right. I firmly believe that in a few months time as the pandemic eases and the calls for a second Scottish independence referendum become deafening we shall see the collapse of the house that Johnson built.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0