BOTH Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar come over reasonably well and both have been quoted to say their main aim is to rebuild the Labour Party. It seems to me it’s also a quote to offset the possible embarrassment they may have if little inroads are made into success at yesterday’s elections.

If they are really serious about rebuilding their party, north of the Border Labour have got to recognise most of their supporters want independence, and south of the Border potential supporters want the party to be more left-wing and not a shadow of its former self.

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Until they accept this, a return of former glory days will be kept on hold. Right-wing or slightly left-of-centre New Labour-type leaders and related policies isn’t the way. Despite not being long in their jobs, if they don’t take listen to the grassroots I’m sorry to say they will be replaced. It’s inevitable.

Robin Maclean
Fort Augustus