I HEARD, and enjoyed, most of Douglas Ross’s evisceration on Good Morning Scotland on Thursday, but failed to have my question taken, viz “Why are the Scottish Tories so desperate to stop the Scottish people having another referendum, when there is clearly a growing demand for it?” (the “once in a generation” nonsense will not do).

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Voters are not being asked to commit to, or against, independence in May by supporting a party which seeks to hold a referendum. The Conservatives wish to strangle that consultative opportunity at birth because they know the Scottish people are highly likely to say Yes when given the chance. Even though the outcome of such a referendum cannot be predicted with certainty, the Tories are still afraid. Your mendacious buffoon of a leader may despise it, Douglas, but it is called democracy.

SNP leaflets, “canvassers” and all those on the pro-indy/Yes side should hammer this weaselly behaviour good and hard in the weeks ahead.

David Roche
Coupar Angus