THE job of government in the midst of a global pandemic is to do all it can to protect citizens, no ifs, no buts. Regarding transport quarantine, a very contentious issue, Scotland’s Transport Secretary Michael Matheson (my MSP) laid out on the BBC’s Sunday Show the approach of the Scottish Government: a comprehensive quarantine travel system in line with expert, scientific and clinical advice.

While we are in lockdown, suffering another wave of the virus, lessons must be learned and the Scottish Government are now taking the approach of curtailing international travel in an effort to prevent new variants arriving. Mr Matheson went on to accuse the UK Government of undermining public health in Scotland with its “red listed” system. SAGE and security experts have highlighted that that will not stop the transmission coming into the country.

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This is a massive issue and the UK Government must not undermine the efforts of the Scottish Government and even more seriously, must not put the citizens of Scotland at greater risk.

Catriona C Clark