ANDY Anderson (Letters, December 24) expresses the thoughts of many independence supporters as to adopting or at least considering the Neil/Salmond plan. The SNP still seem to be in a mess over currency and banking, six years on from 2014, and should ditch the “conservative” proposal of Andrew Wilson and adopt suggestions from Mr Anderson, Common Weal and others.

There are many essential areas covered in the plan which will hopefully complement the essential policy of helping, including and improving the lot of our ever-increasing impoverished sections of society.

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Scotland is an inclusive country and we should remember that “Scots” are supplemented by thousands of people who have chosen to live and work here. From a campaign point of view, perhaps we should refer to “residents of Scotland”, or something of that ilk.

Let us use the terms “Unionist” or “Unionism” to describe individuals, parties and their policies.

We have to remember that there are people from all parties and walks of life who will or might vote for independence, so let’s not alienate them because of their original political affiliation. We should emphasise that when independence is achieved, the SNP will have fulfilled their objective, and that new parties may spring up and existing ones will flourish when loosened from the shackles of London.

In the coming weeks we will see the details of the Brexit deal and its shambolic conclusions. I feel the SNP have aligned themselves too closely to full membership of the EU and should leave the door open to exploring other options. This is something than can be decided on after achieving the ultimate target of FREEDOM.

If we cannot achieve this within the next two years – bearing in mind the most despicable, shambolic, corrupt and deceitful government ever to have held power in Westminster – then we are all guilty of letting Scotland and our future generations down.

Sandy Coghill
Sligachan, Isle of Skye