I NOTE that in your online story regarding Solidarity joining forces with the Alliance for Independence, a representative of the Independence for Scotland Party said: “We wish those behind the proposal all the best but have no intention on having our candidates selected by anyone except our own members”, and the Scottish Socialist Party said it was “inclined to run its own candidates next year for Holyrood”.

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It seems clear that although it is publicly available online, neither have read the AFI constitution. It clearly states that other parties joining would select their own candidates. So were they misinformed about how AFI works or did the reporter misquote the AFI constitution when asking this question of the other two parties?

AFI will select its own candidates, not those of other parties, so there is no reason that the indy parties could not work together as Solidarity, clearly the largest of those, have now shown. So let’s get everyone talking and work together to get our independence.

Jim Manclark