SO Test and Trace in England is not coping with demand and people are being sent hundreds of miles for testing – asked about it at PMQs Boris speaks of “heroic efforts” but has no solution to the problem, even when asked again and again by Keir Starmer. Boris is incapable of even trying to answer a question and prefers to throw insults at Starmer. He is obviously missing his braying hoards behind him, though he still looks for them.

So on Wednesday we had the UK Government breaking a treaty they signed last year – enough to have the Head of Legal in UK resign and have the last PM, Theresa May, raging in Parliament, asking why anyone should trust this government.

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The Prime Minister later in the day promotes the introduction of a new test which will give results in minutes and reach up to a million a day, allowing everyone to live a normal life without social distancing.

Anyone recall the “world-beating” app supposed to be in use by June? This has disappeared without trace and I have a sneaky feeling this one will disappear the same way.

Why indeed should anyone believe a word this PM utters? He is incapable of keeping any rules, treaties, promises of any kind and his track record proves that.

Winifred McCartney