SOMETIMES when going head to head with an opponent it is all about who blinks first, and it would appear that the UK Government are doing exactly that with a series of ministers, unelected members and failed supporters of the Union all paraded in front of cameras or mics in an attempt to dictate to Scotland how a second independence referendum is going to be run.

This practice is actually not new to the establishment – then again, what piece of subversion is? They have entered their state of desperation, which happens before their final collapse of control.

All we, as supporters of independence, need do is keep going along as we have been doing – after all, a loss of a referendum and a worldwide pandemic has not stopped us, so what are the chances that a slithery, slimy reptile of a political elite will dent our resolve?

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There will be plenty of smoke and mirrors used by the establishment, with their supporters on social media demanding ridiculous micro detail from us whilst not requiring the same from their own parties. But one thing is for sure – we need to return as many SNP MSPs as possible.

The establishment, through its use of the tactic of division and discord, will attempt to disrupt our unity of purpose. It will attempt to break the cohesion of our movement. We can expect ludicrous statements on Scotland’s finances, our ability to raise a defence force, payment of pensions, trade deals and companies pulling out of Scotland. They will then dangle the carrot or shiny glass beads in front of us in their attempt to lure us from our chosen path. None of their accusations will be new.

For me, as for others, the full explanation on currency will be the pivotal point. To be clear, an independent Scotland can use any currency it so wishes, including a totally new one. It is the reserve bank or lender of last resort that needs to be fully explained to the voters. Now some very bright people have actually tried to explain that last bit to me and it all sounded very promising and optimistic for an independent Scotland. Did I understand it? No, not fully, so I am not going to give a half-understood explanation here. Instead I will leave it to others.

At no time have I stated that there would not be changes. Of course there will be changes, but given the evidence of other countries becoming independent, we here in Scotland are most definitely equal to the task. Our infrastructure requires attention, particularly ports of entry, but that I guess would be classed as a capital project – and nothing stimulates an economy like a capital project handled correctly.

The border, which is already clearly defined between Scotland and England, will be as hard or as easy as the rUKgov wish to make it, but considering the quantity of goods including electricity and drinking water that flows south for consumption by our neighbours, the rUKgov will not play hardball on that.

Rejoining the EU is another area for discussion after the vote for independence has taken place and yes, I know it is the preferred option of the current SNP administration. But I think everyone now realises our status within the EU was used by the establishment to great effect in 2014. We certainly will not be cast adrift with no trade deals, and given the Johnson administration’s ability to negotiate I think any Unionist would be hard-pressed to make any case against independence out of who will be our trading partners after independence.

Will those in power, whoever they are, get every decision 100% spot on? Of course not, but again I think it is absolutely ludicrous for anyone to think that they would. The difference of course is that the Scottish government will have all the leavers of control to correct any mistakes made, unlike the set-up today.

We have so much going for us that independence from that archaic and broken system by the Thames is an absolute must. For us it will be a huge change and a settling down process. However, for our children and their children it will be being born into a country that is socially just and free of those Etonians that have stripped our nation of assets, population and its dignity.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0