THERE has been much talk in the media about a Plan B for independence, and why the SNP isn’t openly discussing it. I’m sure that various routes to independence are being formulated by the SNP, but does a general publish his battle plans before engaging the enemy? If plans were made public the vindictive English government would pass laws to make them illegal.

It is incredible that there are even people questioning the SNP’s commitment to independence, so perhaps a little political history is in order.

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The soulless Tories are the party of Unionism, privilege, greed, and only one policy. The Labour party used to champion the workers and Scottish home rule, but are now just a paler shade of Unionism. The LibDems are anybody’s with two pennies to rub together. The sensible Green party supports the only credible future for all of us; sustainable, renewable, fair for all and independence. But the only way their ideals will come to fruition in Scotland is by voting for the SNP.

Independence has been the heart and soul of the SNP since inception, but being in government means that the SNP do not have the luxury of just one policy like the Tories, especially right now. So give the SNP and Nicola a break people, they will get back to campaigning for independence when the time is right. In the meantime there is nothing to stop those of us in the Yes movement diligently but discretely promoting our cause.

Richard Walthew

JOANNA Cherry and her fellow agitators are risking losing support for Scottish independence. Opinion polls show support for independence at around 54% – a majority of the electorate, yes, but a fragile one, and not sufficient to risk a referendum, and not a mandate either. There is no point in holding a referendum only to lose again.

Nicola needs the support of everyone who wants to see an independent Scotland. A group of extremists carping from the sidelines will not help the cause one bit, because it will put off the undecided who see the SNP as competent to govern but who are still not convinced of the economics of independence.

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A good result in the 2021 elections to the Scottish Parliament is not a mandate either, because there are many Scottish voters who vote SNP, not because they want independence, but because they have faith in Nicola and her team who are head and shoulders above the opposition parties in competency.

We need another referendum, but only when the support from the voters is not in doubt.

Alan Lammin

I HOPE I am not the only one in the SNP disquieted by the grumbling and backbiting which at the moment is headed by a small but noisy faction in the party.

Nicola Sturgeon will guide us to independence dotting every I and crossing every T before making each move. I am certain the FM has pondered long and hard on her move when Boris initially says no, a stance we all know he will be unable to hold for long when our party wins a substantial majority in our parliament.

The substantial majority can only be achieved if people stop rocking the boat; there is nothing more off-putting to a voter than a party full of squabbling people.

I have been a student of history for 70 years with a particular interest in that of my country. The English government since the conquest has been meddling in our affairs using divide and rule, very effectively. I am certain what is going on in the SNP will put a smile on the faces in No 10 and their Unionist lackeys in Scotland. Don’t do it please.

R Mill Irving
Gifford, East Lothian

I WANT to weigh in with Crisdean Mac Fhearglais in his defence of the Neanderthals (and our more easterly cousins the Denisovians) (Letters, August 7).

We can’t be sure of their appearance, but from all the artists’ impressions they looked no less human than the folk we see every day in our streets. Dressed in 21st-century style they wouldn’t attract a second glance. Their vertebrae indicate that they could speak.

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We now know that they interbred with the Cro-Magnons and that Europeans and Asians have on average 2%-3% Neanderthal genes. I wonder what definition of “species” is used to exclude them from our smug wee “homo sapiens” club.

Mary McCabe

SPOT on! I loved Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh’s article (By ‘fittest’ Darwin didn’t mean the biggest bully, August 5). My thoughts exactly, eloquently expressed by Tasmina. I wish more people would “wake up” and realise the truth in it, the world would be a much better place...

Ilka Johannsen

SO D Ross has said he’ll give up refereeing if he becomes First Minister. That’s a serious commitment, so I’ll match it.

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I hereby publicly state that I will give up eating fish suppers if I’m selected as a crew member for the upcoming Mission to Mars.

Barry Stewart