ON many, many occasions the behaviour of the opponents of the independence of Scotland – in the House, in the media, spoken and published – has been exposed and condemned, but on no occasion is there a record of either an acknowledgement or (God forbid) a denial of any of the examples. We are all aware of the four-letter advice given our MPs at Westminster.

The pit-bottom, disreputable outburst by Ruth Davidson, erstwhile Tory leader at Holyrood, will scotch any attempt by Tories and their supporters to portray that party as other than as hostile to the independence of our country, and its advocates, as might be expected from a common hooligan. “Put the boot in” will now be their catchphrase. The sheer ugliness of her outburst epitomises how many Tories, some regrettably styling themselves Scottish, think of our country. Carlaw and his bench will no doubt be thrilled!

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To any impartial observer it will be starkly obvious that a fair deal for Scotland while in the thrall of Westminster’s holders of such mindless antagonism is not a possibility. Davidson and Johnson have even more in common than was thought.

Nicola Sturgeon has emerged as superior in every respect to the Tory, Labour and LibDem giants in Holyrood. Her and her colleagues’ briefings have been successful enough for their axing by the BBC to be the screamed request of the likes of Labour’s Baillie and the serial liar from Westminster. The latter, it would appear, is in hiding again after his Orkney triumph!

John Hamilton

I READ with amazement that Ruth Davidson lamented the failure to “put the boot in” to the losing side in the 2014 referendum. What kind of language is that for any sensible politician to use? No wonder we have a lack of respect in all stratas of society when those in power use such aggressive vocabulary. The rot comes straight from the top, as shown by Ms Davidson’s words. And what is to be her reward? A seat in the House of Lords, that’s what. If it wasn’t such a serious issue I would laugh out loud. Another reason for government from the bottom up.

Margaret Forbes