EXCELLENT articles from Lesley Riddoch and Joanna Cherry in yesterday’s paper. While Lesley’s outlines the developing support for independence boosted by Johnson’s “visit” to Scotland (Scots saw through Boris long ago ... but he’s welcome here to remind us, July 23), Joanna’s highlights the political background to independence, and difficulties which will be placed in the way by the Tory regime in Westminster (Politics is not on hold ... we must keep indy in sight, July 23). Some points need to be argued by the independentistas.

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The EU has a rule that all member states must have direct links to Europe for trade. Therefore when independent, if part of the EU, we could see the reinstatement of the direct ferry link(s) from Rosyth to Europe, and so Scottish exports could continue to Europe without passing through England.

While Tories harp on about the trading links Scotland has with England, this is a two-way relationship, and England cannot afford to cut trading ties with Scotland, so the prospect of a “hard border” with England is one for negotiation and would probably result in a similar one to the present Northern Irish border with UK, which “would never happen” but which miraculously appeared in the rush for Brexit.

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Whilst our SNP government continues to follow the legislative route and ask for a Section 30, the Tories are using this time to disrupt the march to independence. They have repeated ad nauseam that a Section 30 will never be granted, so we must present them with our own alternative, and sooner rather than later.

Let us start with publishing an outline constitution for an independent Scotland, a properly thought out currency which will be instituted on day one of independence, details of a national bank of last resort for that currency, and a clear statement that we will carry out a consultative referendum of our own if the Section 30 is refused, and see how they react!

Paul Gillon