GOOD for Peter Kerr and his clear distinction between governing and campaigning (Letters, June 24).

The few negative remarks I’ve heard about Nicola all came from men. It seems to be an easy cover for a misogynist to try to undermine our First Minister’s style of government and her ability to explain clearly and simply why she’s taken the difficult path she has to eliminate the coronavirus pandemic.

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Not only has she done so without the need to denigrate other party leaders, but her route plan to date has been vindicated. Whether or not the “Dug” and others like him favour slow but sure progress, it has been demonstrated to the public at large that we have a First Minister fit to lead an independent Scotland.

Why otherwise did we get 54% pro-independence in the latest poll? Imagine what that might become once a campaign starts. Let’s put self aside and show a united front to the world.

Catriona Grigg