IT is strange how the Unionists in general and Gordon Brown in particular always chant that Scotland is divided. Where is the empirical evidence? Was it divided in 1955 when the Tories gained most votes? Or when Labour was the strongest party and the Tories had no MPs?

It is obvious it is only “divided” in the eyes of the Unionist parties when they are in the doldrums and the SNP have 80% of the MPs at Westminster and form the government at Holyrood. That is the result of the democratic vote of the people. Not everyone born alive is “either a little Liberal or Conservative”, according to Gilbert and Sullivan, who wrote before Labour were a party. One could even argue that the advent of Labour divided the country even more 100 years ago. Times change and generations change, yet Gordon Brown is stuck in his past!

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What is Gordon Brown now? A political relic of Labour in Scotland and an advocate of a Union now unfit for purpose. He mirrors the demise of Labour in England, outfoxed by the Johnsonian Tories who played on the inner xenophobic fears and inner prejudices of the Labour “supporters” in the “red wall”, just as he was outfoxed by Cameron in 2014 when he fronted the Vow and Cameron proclaimed EVEL!

Gordon Brown typecasts himself, in his pop-up histrionical stage performances, as the sage elder statesman strutting with pronounced jaw in a melodramatic trance and utters nothing. It seems he is about to do a replay of the old act in Newcastle again soon.

In fact, he is the last remnant of a long-gone era in Scottish politics and of a Labour party now reduced to the bottom rung here. It is time for him to leave the stage like a fading actor in the silent movies, all gesture but no actual voice. Scotland divided? Only in the eyes of the deluded Unionist minority parties based in London.

John Edgar