PATRONISING blethers from Jeremy Corbyn on The Andrew Marr Show on the sole benefits of Labour investment in Scotland if or when he is elected as PM.

He will not form agreements if he is in a minority government, yet he will have to make concessions and accommodations. His innate arrogance infused with this “divine right” of the incorporated parliament shows that nothing has changed. His inner shtick is that Scotland will “get” what it is given.

No word about additional Holyrood powers, or further devolved powers even on a UK-wide basis. Jeremy Corbyn is cemented to the Londonised role of the UK system where power and authority are determined at the centre and will be guarded at the centre.

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Here we have an anachronistic relic of the past from the old left factions on his last hurrah in a Labour party that is already down-and-out in its former Scottish fiefdom, where they weighed the votes cast for Labour in the past!

Listening to a turgid Corbyn labouring his tortured non-policy for Scotland is pitiful to say the least. A man who thinks by popping up here for two days to grace the proles with his presence and sporting a tartan scarf will make a difference. He is in for a shock.

Jeremy Corbyn is never asked by interviewers why Labour are bumping along the bottom north of the Tweed. He probably never asks himself the same question. When you live in a Westminster bubble dreaming backwards, then you have lost reality. He is just another Unionist who seems to be in denial about devolution.

Labour north of the Tweed lost it when they danced a jig with the Tory Unionists and made common cause with them in 2014. Jeremy Corbyn is a man out of time and out of purpose!

John Edgar

COMMON sense from our FM (Sturgeon: If we overturn Brexit Scotland still must have indyref2, November 17).

The UK is now derided, laughed at and ridiculed throughout the world.

It is rotten top to bottom, from paedophile-befriending so-called-royalty, to Grenfell-smearing top-hatted Tory idiots, to “picaninnies with watermelon smiles” racist Tory PMs, to Tory MPs making maiden speeches reminding us Scots that we were “sold into slavery by Oliver Cromwell”.

The stinking edifice of Westminster is now regarded be most of our close friends in Europe and elsewhere as completely and utterly unfit for purpose and the ludicrously termed “precious union of equals” is now seen as the hollowed-out, UNequal, UNfair and UNdemocratic feudal relic it always was.

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Irrespective of the Brexit mess, we Scots know we can do so much better and give our kids and grandkids so much brighter a future, as a NORMAL INDEPENDENT COUNTRY, in company with the other 99% of other states on our planet.

NOT ONE of those other countries would touch the “British Union” with a dirty barge-pole – and neither should we, any longer.

In this new century, it is time for Scotland to join our independent friends and leave the anomaly of this discredited, decrepit and dying “union” behind.

David Francis

I READ Alex Orr’s letter (November 16) and his statement that “Spain appeared immune to right-wing populism (until now)”. This is a sentiment that I have heard previously and is based on a mirage.

Until now, Spain has not felt a “need” for a far-right party. Fascism from Franco’s days is so much an ingrained aspect of Spanish society, politics, the judiciary etc that it was felt there was “no need” to express right-wing opinions in a specific party; they were a fundamental aspect of society.

It is only with the rise of the Catalan independence movement, which has challenged those inherent fascist views, that the far-right have felt a need to form a specific party to reinstate the status quo of the inherent state right-wing ideology.

Crìsdean Mac Fhearghais
Dùn Èideann

ANY economic argument against an independent Scotland does not hold water, especially when it emanates from Westminster, one of the most wasteful, incompetent and openly hostile governments in the world.

How much money would be saved if Scotland becomes an independent, nuclear-free republic and we are no longer forced to pay for the illegal upkeep of weapons of mass destruction, and a monarchy which serves no discernible purpose except to act as an emblem of an unequal society?

The money saved would run into millions if not billions and would be enough to provide adequate food, clothes and shelter to everyone in Scotland, with more than enough left over to help shape a modern, progressive and peaceful nation.

Solomon Steinbett
Maryhill, Glasgow

YOU claim the best that could be achieved in Carmichael’s Orkney and Shetland constituency would be to reduce his majority (A tale of swings and turnarounds for SNP, November 15). However, I wonder whether this seat could be won for SNP if the Scottish Government were to announce a full public inquiry into the Viking Energy wind farm project that is bring resisted by so many islanders.

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Given that this project will disturb the carbon store that is the peat bogs the turbines are going to be built on, and the potential release of a significant quantity of carbon back into the atmosphere, there is clearly an ecological imperative to hold such an inquiry.

And wouldn’t that be popular with a sufficient number of islanders to make a huge difference?

Jim Taylor