I’M sure readers are as aghast as I at the antics of the Prime Minister at the dispatch box on Wednesday. The PM petulantly claims that the Supreme Court judgment did not impune his government’s motives for proroguing parliament.

Aye, and there’s the rub, they didn’t. However, that is because none were given. There was no statement of truth, no affidavit, nothing to judge upon.

Johnson claims that he respects the finding, but believes it is wrong, an oxymoronic effect of elephantine proportions.

It seems to me that a defendant with no intention of respecting the law would give no statement.

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I put it this way: it is my honest belief that a reason no affidavit or statement of truth was presented in court was to lend deniability offered by the fact that no conclusion could be drawn from the non-statement of the government’s reasoning in any meaningful form. Had there been one, there would be no doubt about the court’s opinion. Its absence creates all the doubt.

Time-wasting and doubt seems the very essence of this Westminster government, where parliamentary privilege prevents appropriate labelling.

The PM perorates at the dispatch box, belittling all opposition, and claiming to respect the law. No remorse. No contrition. Not a shred of guilt of any wrongdoing.

Surely this cannot be my Prime Minister. Not my parliament. I want none of it. Scotland can do better. It is time.

Bring our MPs home and let us live in the early days of a better Scotland.

Brian Kelly

FEAR was my reaction to watching Johnson’s return to parliament. No contrition, shame or humbling but aggression, incendiary language and total defiance supported in the main by a braying bunch of MPs on the Conservative benches.

Contrast with Holyrood – ordered, sensible debate carried out in a parliament that does not need to shout, pass derogatory remarks and has the people of Scotland’s good at the heart of its debates. Our parliament – and I mean “our” in that Holyrood is Scotland’s people’s parliament – has not prorogued, has not suspended business, has continued with the running of Scotland’s business. Our representatives do not feel under physical threat and are approachable. This is not the case at Westminster, where MPs frequently report threats to life to them or their families.

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Anyone who has watched Years and Years, a dystopian glimpse into the future of Britain, will see the future enacted live in the behaviour and obvious route Johnson and chums want to take Britain – Scotland must become independent. More police, army on alert, body bags being stockpiled, a climate of fear being engendered starting in the parliament chamber – Scotland must become independent. Food and medicine shortages, fuel and power shortages, rights of workers, environmental regulations, ie air and water standards, all gone – Scotland must become independent. Health services sold off to the highest bidder, social care gone (mainly due to immigration policy halting freedom of movement ) – Scotland must become independent.

Scotland has a future as an independent country. We are big enough, smart enough and rich enough and this is why there is such opposition to our independence in Westminster – they took our oil money. Let’s hold on to what is ours and our future now. Scotland can and will be independent.

Frieda Burns
via email

BORIS Johnson’s performance on Wednesday was an exercise in political degradation. It was a political pantomime of right-wing reaction and political filth. Johnson showed all of the contempt for the rules that come from an Eton-educated Hooray Henry.

Johnson’s use of inflammatory language such as “surrender”, “betrayal”, and “traitor” are not aberrations. They are part of a deliberate strategy to whip up hostility towards the left, the EU, immigrants and anyone who is an impediment to the making of money for big business.

Johnson’s rise is symbolic of the elevation of far-right parties and cultivation of fascistic forces by parties all over the world.

Finance capital are turning once again to dictatorship and fascism in response to the intensification of the world economic crisis, the disintegration of the post-war international order.

The Tory party is a cesspit. They stand for all the worst human characteristics: greed, selfishness, contempt, racism. They worship money, allowing big donors to pollute the environment by dumping toxic sludge into the sea. They also love war. All this will be how Britain will look if Boris Johnson and his clique are not removed from power.

Alan Hinnrichs

ALL honest, reasonable people know that Johnson’s performance in the House of Commons on Wednesday was calculated, despicable and shameless. But the crass stupidity of one of his remarks is breathtaking. In what possible way can anyone suggest the delivery of Brexit is a way of honouring the tragic murder of Jo Cox when she campaigned for Remain?

Gavin Brown

I AM filled with dismay every time I see one of your correspondents talking about an “Act” of Union in 1707. I also see that bizarrely Hamish MacPherson has now taken to calling it the “Acts of Union” plural. The terms Acts of Union (plural) is only applied to the acts passed by the English parliament between 1536 and 1543 which annexed Wales and divided it into shires. The ONLY Act of Union (singular) is the one passed between the so-called UK and Ireland in 1800. There is no other. If we are talking about 1707 then it is the Treaty of Union consisting of 25 articles negotiated between two sets of commissioners representing the sovereign states of England and Scotland.

Every time someone uses the incorrect term “Act” of Union they fall into the Unionist falsehood that London simply passed an act and annexed us, instead of the correct legal reality that Scotland is an equal and sovereign signatory with England to an international treaty. Independence supporters please, please make yourselves aware of this vital distinction, as it still impacts directly on us today.

Linda Horsburgh