IT would appear as if the arrogant Etonian one expected everyone to roll over and give in to him. How dare Johnny Foreigner not recognise the superiority of the inbred elite that are the establishment?

The xenophobic runt that is what remains of the Tory party really did believe that all Primordial Martinet Johno had to do was sweep into the conference room at the EU like some ironclad of days gone by and the job would be done. Only he appears to have been met by people sitting there with anti-gunboat diplomacy missile systems. As a result nobody was in the slightest bit intimidated by him, and if truth be known possibly they felt a little bit sorry for the good peoples residing on this North Atlantic archipelago.

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The absolute clusterbourach that is the junta embedded in Downing Street bunker number 10 keep reaching depths hither to unheard of for serving politicians.

They are the classic case of a group that looks effective and knowledgeable when on the sidelines but when presented with the opportunity to lead collapse into self-driven ideology that makes no sense and has no place in the modern world. Their world, the one they were taught was theirs as a birth right, no longer exists and in all honestly died sometime before the Suez Crisis of 1956. All they have left is an echo of it rippling through time, and as such what they are faced with at the EU is only the beginning of this junta’s grounding in the realities of the modern world.

As we all know, north of the Rio Tweed stalks the Scottish Lion and from the Dee estuary in the north to the Severn estuary in the south the Welsh Dragon awakens from its slumber. Historic and wonderful times.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0

LIBERAL Democrat opposition to the holding of a second referendum on Scottish independence is more than a little bizarre.

While the party calls for a second EU vote on the one hand, it then notes opposition to the holding of a second independence referendum on the other. This would be the case even if the SNP on its own or with the Greens wins an outright majority in the Scottish Parliament elections on a platform of holding another such vote.

The logic that somehow people should be allowed another say on Brexit but not on Scottish independence smacks of hypocrisy of the highest order.

It appears that the Liberal Democrats are neither liberal or democratic.

Alex Orr

WILLIE Rennie is a strange figure. He is the political equivalent of Alan Partridge; with the style of a used car salesman and all the charisma of a used teabag.

His declaration that he will oppose an independence referendum even when there is already a mandate for it is preposterously Trumpian. All this while he calls for another referendum on Brexit even though there is no mandate for that.

Mr Rennie’s party are in secret talks with the hard-Brexit-supporting Tories. They are working on a non-aggression pact to keep the SNP from having a clean sweep of Westminster seats in Scotland. This shows the depth of LibDem treachery and hypocrisy.

Willie Rennie recently defended letting David Steel back into the party after his suspension, even through Steel admitted he had asked Cyril Smith about sexual assault on young boys, allegations made against Smith in the 1970s. David Steel acknowledged Smith confirmed the allegations were true yet he remained silent, even nominating Cyril Smith for a Knighthood.

At the national level, LibDem leader Jo Swinson is allowing extremist ex-Tory Dr Phillip Lee to join the party. He opposed same-sex marriage and campaigned to bar people with HIV from being able to come to the UK.

Swinson is an extremist neoliberal who enthusiastically supported Tory austerity from 2010-2015. She has said she is willing to get into coalition with the Tories in future, but not Labour or the SNP.

Removing Jo Swinson from Westminster should be a priority in the upcoming election.

Alan Hinnrichs

SOME excellent observations contained in Catriona C Clark’s letter on Saturday.

A whole cottage industry has grown up over the single throwaway line of Alex Salmond, the “once in a generation” comment, merely one man’s opinion on a single day.

And yet, as Catriona highlights, we’ve since had two General Elections and an EU referendum, and will require a further plebiscite or two to definitively settle the two quandaries of a severely damaging Brexit and an incompetent, rudderless UK Government.

In the General Elections Scotland returned a substantial majority of independence-minded MPs, and in the EU referendum in Scotland there was a huge majority for remaining closely aligned with Europe. Scottish parliamentary elections since 2007 have consistently returned independence-favouring MSPs. And I could also drop in the three from six independence-cheering MEPs.

It seems to me that the democratic deficit within the Westminster system of governance is highly visible and totally indefensible.

Mike Russell’s observations that the 27-28 meetings of the Joint Ministerial Committee have involved the devolved administrations only four times, and those four gatherings made no reference to No-Deal preparations whatsoever, is simply damning. These committees are purely to permit obfuscation and denial of the charge that Scotland’s will (and Wales for that matter) is being ignored institutionally at every turn.

That the liar Johnson is consistently and unanimously supported by his Scots contingent of toadying Conservative MPs tells you all you need to know of where their self-interests lie. And it’s not in a free and democratic country.

Independence is coming; I look forward to its imminent arrival.

Brian W McCabe
via email