BORIS stated on Thursday that he would rather be dead in a ditch than delay Brexit. Anyone remember the steamroller he said he would lie in front of?

Trump’s man in Britain is playing by his boss’s rule book. Use your position to bully and name-call then use police trainees as a background for a political speech. One has to sit down. Look round but don’t help, just carry on. Shameful. Who agreed to the trainees being used like that?

And anyone who votes for him will be just as bad. Take our country back – remember that? No-one told us it was really take our country back and give it to America first.

David Ritchie
North Ayrshire

I WATCHED Boris Johnson, on BBC News, speaking in Yorkshire. Behind him were two rows of black-uniformed police officers. Clearly this has been choreographed as a threat, and is nothing less than a fascist show of power, reminiscent of Adolph Hitler’s early rallies. The BBC, of course, did not comment on the use of this vile symbolism when analysing the speech. Are BBC reporters totally naive, or does the BBC support this dictator? On the week when we remember the start of World War Two, we must not dismiss the signs of this new rise of fascism.