IT’S all a bit of a mystery to me. Currently, Cummings/Johnson are threatening to remove the whip from any rebels who vote to block a No-Deal Brexit and ban them from standing as candidates at the next election.

A mystery because if Anna Soubry’s contention is correct that Ukip and others have infiltrated umpteen Tory constituency parties (reminiscent of Trotskyite enterist politics of the 70s and 80s), then many of these Tory oppositionist MPs who Johnson is threatening will probably be deselected anyway. Thus, these MPs have nothing to lose by voting against the dictatorship of Cummings/Johnson.

It could be that the ratcheting up is a strategic error and only highlights how far to the right the Tories have gone. Also gone is any pretence that the party in government traditionally represents everyone, no matter who they voted for.

Welcome to the Trotskyite Tory party. The one issue: (dis)organisation.

Henrick Hauptmann