BORIS Johnson’s lies on Brexit are getting worse. On Wednesday he met with Angela Merkel and declared he could solve the Brexit crisis within a month.

One of his “solutions” to get around the Irish backstop is to ask Ireland to diverge from the EU and reincorporate itself into British rule. It takes a special kind of idiotic buffoonery to ignore the effect of 800 years of colonial rule on the Irish psyche. But the clownish oaf Boris Johnson has managed it.

Previous “solutions” to get around the backstop proposed by the Brexiters include technologies that don’t yet exist.

While Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson is said to have asked why Irish Taoiseach Leo Vardakar was “not called Murphy like the rest of them”.

The Tory party under Boris Johnson has become a seething nest of intolerant bigotry. The Brexit policy is solely motivated by a hatred of foreigners. The Tories have always been closet racists but now under Johnson it’s out in the open.

Hardline Home Secretary Priti Patel wants to end visa-free access to EU citizens from day one. This is to appease racist elderly Tory voters. The fact that about 80% of lorry drivers delivering goods from Europe to the UK are EU nationals has not dawned on her.

The consequence of all this self-inflicted chaos is that Boris Johnson has a 14-point lead in the opinion polls.

Alan Hinnrichs

JUST a thought on the English, sorry, UK border splitting Ireland.

This lot governing now must think people are ignorant or uneducated enough not to understand the game or coup they are finally about to perpetrate on these islands.

There will have to be a hard border on the Northern Ireland side (on the assumption things go along the lines of today’s situation).

The Common Travel Area between the UK and the Republic only covers citizens of the two countries.

However, there are lots of EU citizens, Polish and Lithuanian for example, who live in the Republic and work in the north, or they might like to fly out from Belfast to the EU on family visits.

There will have to be checks to ensure that they are not sneaking into the UK to live. Needless to say, no thought has been given to this.

I have not seen any reports or comments in the right-wing media on this wee fact of life in Brexit Britain.

Graham Noble
Fort William

SO President Trump has went in the huff at Denmark and won’t be visiting them because they refuse to discuss selling Greenland to him. He was made welcome enough by the UK Government earlier this year, and with the NHS being obviously up for sale as well as other UK assets it would seem that the UK is up for sale, bit by bit, and he is happy to deal with those willing to cash in.

Isn’t it also ironic that despite Boris Johnson and his cronies saying in 2016 that 60 million Turks were heading to live in the UK (which they obviously weren’t as they aren’t, and aren’t likely to become, EU members) that British Steel is now being sold to the Turkish Military Pension Fund? Hardly an ethical sale.

Anyone one want to buy a worn-out, badly-led country? Going cheap. If so, please apply c/o 10 Downing Street, London. Brown envelopes welcome.

In the meantime, if you live in Scotland, have a serious think which way you want to go. Independence and a chance to lead our own future with the government we elect, or go down flying the Union flag and wishing for an empire long gone.

James Davidson

ONE of your readers recently quoted a wonderful speech attributed to the late Senator Robert Kennedy in the 1960s in which he was pointing to things of real worth in society as opposed to the fixation on the Gross National Product. He noted that this “does not include the intelligence of our public debate”.

I think he would be very disturbed to see how far we have sunk into the mire with the language used on social media; the outright defamation and degradation that goes unchecked in what some would describe as free speech.

Language is at the core of our interaction with one another and we see in these times that anything goes without any self-restraint or respect for the other’s rights, feelings, or sense of decency.

It is unsurprising to read of Nicola Sturgeon’s dismay at being the butt of people’s sick minds. It seems to be the norm when indulging one’s curiosity on Twitter, for example, and I would recommend a complete boycott of this type of communication.

Janet Cunningham

I AM approaching my birthday on September 2 (you don’t expect me to tell you which one, do you?) and my family and I were discussing presents. I always find it difficult to ask for anything, but this year it is easy.

I just want MPs to ensure that we do not have to tolerate being ruled by that “madman from Number 10” any longer. I know that parliament won’t be in session until September 3, so my present is going to be late, but only by one day please!

Pete Rowberry

ONE’S heart must go out to the new leader of the LibDims, subjected to a BBC grilling recently about her voting for austerity measures when in coalition with the Conservatives.

“But that was six years ago!” she squealed. As time and principles move on, shouldn’t we be prepared to let bygones be has-beens?

James Stevenson