SO day one for Boris has not gone too well, as his relationship with Scotland and her voters becomes even more strained.

The suggestion that Nicola became FM without a vote shows that there is no lie he will not sink to in attempting to justify his position. Of course it could be that he really does not know how the system up here works, but that would be equally as bad ... he is, after all, the PM!

His Cabinet just oozes with happy sparkly ministers who are “for the people, of the people”. Everyone of them so evil of heart that the ninth circle of Hell revoked their membership cards.

Social media is awash with posts from people expressing their move over to support a vote for independence. There has also been more than a few asking if they could move up to our wonderful country.

We now are entering the end days. All semblance of empathy from the Etonian elite towards the plebs is gone, doubly so when the rebellious, ungrateful plebs of the northern colony are concerned. How dare these upstarts from the cash cow demand the right to self-determination, how dare they assume they have what it takes to run their own affairs (better be careful with that word now Boris is PM, Ed), just how dare they be Scottish?

So what of our MPs? And by that I mean the ones in Westminster who have the Scottish people’s needs at the forefront of their thoughts, not the quislings sent north by the establishment. What can they do to help? Well, pretty much carry on as before once Parliament returns after recess. Every time they stand to speak, the establishment cannot help but be shown up for the outdated and biased organ of the elite that it is!

Our own Parliament, also in recess, can heap the misery on the rUK establishment when it returns, as by then more and more MSPs surely will have come to realise that independence is the only hope Scotland has of surviving the resource-stripping actions of an ultra-right-wing Tory government.

Our own people in the Yes movement will of course continue to put marchers on the ground as the wonderful multi-flagged, multi-cultural protesters for independence come to a town near you.

These will be days full of dread cooked up by that hellish cabinet that resides in Downing Street and amplified by their cabal press. However, as has been mentioned before, the imperial lion is a sickly beast, one without a roar and only a few teeth remaining.

The clock is most definitely ticking down, and the sun will finally set on that empire most brutal.

Let’s get our country back.

Cliff Purvis
Veterans For Scottish Independence 2.0

I BELIEVE Ruth Wishart, like Shakespeare, has found the right words for the right occasion at the right time (We are on the brink of disaster and must fire indyref starting gun now, July 25).

Ruth is right: now is the time for the SNP leadership to mount the campaign. I have been a strong supporter of Nicola’s cautious approach to this issue, particularly with the uncertainty of the Brexit shambles confronting us.

However that is now past. Johnson has nailed his colours firmly to the mast now and has left himself no room to manoeuvre. He is finally PM but he has no control of the ship of state, he has placed himself in a position in which his steering course is set and he can’t change it. All the significant moves are in the hands of others: the EU leadership, the UK Parliament, the Scottish Government. It is these institutions which can make effective decisions and which can alter the Brexit car crash. Johnson no longer has any control.

Now is clearly the time for the Scottish Government to make it absolutely clear that Scotland will not be dragged out of the single market causing great disruption to the Scottish economy and hardship to the Scottish people. The Scottish Government must demand a General Election and a halt to the Brexit process until the Scottish people have had their democratic say. If this is not immediately accepted by Johnson they should organise a referendum on Scottish independence.

We have no time now for discussing academic points of constitutional technicalities. We can leave that minor issue until we have heard from the sovereign Scottish people on this matter then act accordingly.

Andy Anderson

THAT Boris Johnson has become PM is madness in itself! His appointment as Foreign Secretary was bizarre enough, and the world’s diplomats could barely disguise their bemusement. A man who had made his journalistic career out of printing deliberate lies about what went on in Brussels, where he was the Telegraph correspondent: “I was just chucking these rocks over the garden wall and listening to this amazing crash from the greenhouse next door over in England. Everything I wrote from Brussels was having this amazing explosive effect on the Tory party, and it really gave me this, I suppose, rather weird sense of power.”

His motivation wasn’t a hatred of the EU, rather he was motivated by boredom! There wasn’t enough material for him to fill column inches with gripping controversy, and so he made it up!

So now we have a PM who admitted on Desert Island Discs to having riled up the right in the Tory party with fabricated stories, invented for his own personal amusement. Does this appeal to people in Scotland? This toxic narcissist! I can see the appeal to someone like Ross Thomson, himself keen to “channel his inner dictator”. But who else? Seriously! The anointing of Boris Johnson as PM is a very English Tory act of rewarding the “English Trump!” Narcissists are taking over, let’s make sure that we deal with them effectively, by refusing to be bullied, charmed or punished into submission.

Thom Muir