THERE was a television show back in the 1970s called Connections, presented by science historian James Burke, which was both educational and interesting. More recently, the BBC aired a similar programme, How It Works. It would be fascinating if such a show was presented to demonstrate the interconnections and political biases of the individuals and organisations within this publicly professed “United Kingdom”. This is a state where virtually everything is beholden of the Westminster Parliament, its committees and quangos, or directly from the crown itself, by charter, appointment or other, including Parliament.

Britain is, effectively, a nation state made up of four countries, where the central controlling government, dedicated to holding the conglomerate together, literally controls everything of any importance, and where power devolved, as soon as it is perceived as a threat, is subverted.

It does this most effectively by brainwashing or indoctrinating key individuals within the component nations into supporting it. It begins, through personal recollection, with the state-run education system, using it to do anything from berate and beat children (1872 Education Act) into using only the King’s/Queen’s English rather than embracing all the positives of being at least bi-lingual, to providing a very light glossary of independent national competencies or heroes, unless these supported or enhanced the state/empire. Such supporting individuals are historically rewarded with peerages or other forms of elevation. To date, no high-profile promoter of independence has been so publicly rewarded, while many have seen careers diverted or destroyed, the most recent of which is SNP councillor Chris McEleny, “suspected” of “espionage” – this for the SNP?

Examine the reserved competencies, amongst which is broadcasting, with the central state having control of who gets which licences. The unspoken threat is well understood: severely upset the state, then either don’t get authorisation to broadcast, or perhaps see it revoked/not renewed.

The BBC is possibly today’s ultimate expression of this, being funded by tax money. The words “licence” and “tax” are interchangeable. It is, in much of what it produces, a propaganda machine for the state. It has been so since its inception, when one phrase bandied around was that it would be “the glue to hold the state together”, although they often used “nation” or “empire” back then. This was at the time of Irish independence, when Scots’ self-rule was effectively binned.

There has been a distinct lack of credible evidence to show that this bias has ever changed. If any needed additional proof of that, simply examine Boris Johnson’s recent comments, that “England already has a Parliament, it’s in Westminster!”. The unspoken extrapolation in the mind of the Tory front runner, as with so very many of London’s supporting cast; England has a parliament, that their house is superior to all others, and they will do whatever is required to ensure that it shall remain so.

Those connections extend to Boris Johnson, from schooling through today, where he apparently remains handily protected from his own ludicrous buffoonery and incompetence by his links to privilege extending back through Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club. The state will protect those who will protect the British state. Why else would the BBC selectively edit out aspects of Boris’s life which might damage him? One is funded by the state, the other, like so many, is intrinsic to it.

It is past time for Scotland to fully disconnect from the British state, a London-run outfit which has consistently practised cultural genocide against Scots for centuries.

Ashley MacGregor
East Kilbride