WHEN David Cameron did a runner after losing his EU referendum, no-one wanted to replace him until Theresa May decided to further her political career and volunteered to fill his empty boots. The job was considered a poison chalice even then, but that did not deter our Theresa. For two years or so she floundered on, making a worse job than Cameron and plunging the country further into debt. Eventually, as we all know, she was forced to resign.

Where once upon a time no-one dared take on the job except useless Theresa, now we have a football team of even more useless would-be prime ministers, all expressing a variety of the very same destructive policies. All of which will see a further loss of businesses through removal or bankruptcy, more financial institutions moving away from the UK, unemployment and a reduction of our public services.

What is it about these Tory numpties that they believe they can save the UK and possibly the world when all about them is receding into pre-WW1 years and beyond?

Alan Magnus-Bennett