AT the weekend the Scottish Labour leader told the media that he “wasn’t involved” in key campaign decisions.

There is no hope for a revival of “Scottish” Labour fortunes as long as Richard Leonard isn’t involved in making key decisions during campaigns such as the EU elections.

The Labour party ruled much of central and western Scotland for the half-century before devolution.

It took only took a short time for the Scottish voters to spot that although their parliament had been devolved, the Scottish Labour party had not; this is confirmed by the fall in the number of Labour MSPs at every Holyrood election since devolution.

After 20 years the Scottish Labour party is still being run from its UK headquarters as a branch, unable to set policy or make decisions over matters which are devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

Unknowingly Richard Leonard has hit the nail on the head, but does he have the power to drive it home?

John Jamieson
South Queensferry