I SEE the BBC edited coverage of the Scottish Baftas to remove any mention of support for the people of Gaza currently suffering under the state of Israel’s collective punishment and any call for a ceasefire in the region.

I do not understand how the British state broadcaster can claim that “some edits were made so the content was compliant with BBC editorial guidelines on impartiality”. Silence is not impartiality when all that is needed for evil to flourish is for good people to remain silent or be silenced by the power of others.

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The BBC has taken the side of Israel; I take the side of humanity and I stand for the people of Palestine. Israel must be prosecuted for all of its crimes against Palestine in Gaza and on the West Bank during these past weeks and months as well as past years and decades. Our governments must stop the flow of arms from these shores to Israel. No matter how much Brexit has left us needing to find new trading partners, there must be no trade with the criminal Israeli state. Support international law and free Palestine from Israeli occupation and oppression now!

Ni Holmes
St Andrews