The National:

THIS year so far, we’ve seen the BBC spell the names of three Scottish places wrong on its weather graphic and deny that a map of the UK which did not include Orkney or Shetland was wrong.

But an image used on BBC News on Thursday absolutely takes the biscuit.

On a map (below) that was used to pinpoint the areas where three by-elections were taking place south of the Border, a vast swathe of North West Scotland appeared to have completely vanished.

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Lochaber, gone. Ross, gone. Skye and Mull’s current access to the mainland, yep, you guessed it, GONE.

One viewer likened the move to lyrics from bridge of The Proclaimers song Letter from America – “Lochaber no more…”

The National:

I mean, hasn’t the BBC put off enough viewers in Scotland already without throwing huge parcels of oor land UNDER THE SEA? 

I think it’s about time someone took the graphics team outside for a word, because clearly the British Broadcasting Corporation is slacking when it comes to the basic geography of the British Isles…