THE BBC has dismissed a complaint about “a map of the UK” that did not include Orkney or Shetland.

The corporation’s executive complaints unit (ECU) insisted that it could find “no inaccuracy” with the map, because none of the people in the programme in question came from the Northern Isles.

The complaint focused on a map which sat on a Union flag background and was shown repeatedly during a programme about the search for singers to perform at the King’s coronation.

“Sing for the King: The Search for the Coronation Choir”, which was shown on May 5 – the day before the coronation, featured choirs from across the UK.

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Choirs from the Western Isles, Paisley, Caerphilly, Hull, Portadown, London, and Yorkshire were among those who saw their members join the 300-strong coronation choir. A small crown marked the location of each choir’s base on the map.

The map, which also included the Republic of Ireland, was shown repeatedly as the programme’s focus was drawn to different parts of the UK.

But because no choirs from Orkney or Shetland featured, the BBC’s complaints unit found “no inaccuracy” in the map omitting those island archipelagos.

The National:

The complaint summary said: “A viewer complained that a map of the UK shown in the programme conveyed an inaccurate impression by omitting Orkney and Shetland.

“The ECU considered the complaint in the light of the BBC’s editorial standards of accuracy.”

The ECU dismissed the complaint, stating: “As the purpose of the map was to illustrate the range of locations from which members of the choir had been drawn, and as none had been drawn from Orkney or Shetland, the ECU found no inaccuracy.”

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The description for the “Sing for the King” show on the BBC’s iPlayer reads: “Across the four corners of Britain, on stages and behind closed doors, hundreds of communities, friends, neighbours and colleagues are getting together to experience the power, joy and togetherness singing in a choir brings.

“As the nation prepares for the coronation of King Charles III, a very special choir is given the once-in-a-lifetime chance to sing their hearts out for the King and Queen Consort and the millions watching around the world at the coronation concert in Windsor Castle.”

The King’s coronation was held on May 6, with a second “mini-coronation” event in Scotland on July 5.