A SCOTTISH Greens election candidate has been deselected by the party after calling JK Rowling a “torn-faced cow”.

Sophie Molly has been blocked from standing as the party’s candidate in Gordon and Buchan at the upcoming General Election after a Scottish Green Executive Committee meeting on Wednesday night.

Green members in Molly’s area had complained about her social media conduct and accused her of bringing the party into disrepute.

In a tweet on Thursday morning, Molly said she had quit the Greens and joined the SNP

She added: "They will afford me the respect and dignity that a proud trans woman like me deserves. I will no longer be voting Scottish Greens."

Members appear to have quit the party in the wake of the decision. Former Scottish Labour Holyrood candidate Heather Herbert, who left for the Greens, said she had left the party.

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She tweeted: “With immediate effect I am resigning from the Scottish Greens. If a private business were to hire someone and then not provide any training, then when they made a mistake sack them you would I'm sure agree that would, be undefendabul.

“It's clear to me that trans people will never get our liberation from political parties and only via direct action against can we gain our liberation.”

Activist John Currie added: “Today I have joined [the SNP] after a disagreement with the [Scottish Greens] regarding the removal of one of their candidates.

“I greatly look forward to canvassing and doing activist work for the upcoming [General Election] and furthering the cause of Scottish independence in general.”

Molly late on Tuesday issued an apology for insulting the Harry Potter author, who she had also accused of role-playing “as a man”.

The National: Brett Ellis sees nothing controversial in the stance taken by JK Rowling. Image: PA

In a tweet, she said: “Last year I used inappropriate language towards JK Rowling. This was recently picked up. I do retract what I said about her. It was not professional conduct.”

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On Wednesday she confirmed via Twitter/X she had submitted her defence to the party’s executive before the midday deadline.

Molly told The National she had been subjected to anti-trans abuse online over her posts on social media. 

Earlier this month, the Scottish Greens suspended 13 members for signing the Scottish Green Declaration for Women’s Sex-Based Rights, which said that “sex is a biological reality” and said trans women should be excluded from women’s single-sex spaces.

The Scottish Greens were approached for comment.