A SCOTTISH Greens candidate is facing deselection after calling JK Rowling a “torn-faced cow”.

The party will consider whether to keep on Sophie Molly as its candidate in Gordon and Buchan after allegedly “bringing the party into disrepute through social media posts”.

The Herald reports that she has received a letter from Carolyn Scrimgeour, the co-chair of the party’s ruling executive, informing her that members in Aberdeenshire have asked if she could be deselected as a candidate.

They had attached screenshots of “relevant social media posts”, which may include her attack on the Harry Potter author.

Molly was given a deadline of midday on Wednesday to submit her defence and her fate will be considered at a meeting of the party’s executive later this week.

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Scrimgeour said: “If the outcome is to recommend your deselection, you will no longer be a candidate for the Scottish Greens.

“If [Scottish Green Party] executive does not vote to deselect, your candidacy will continue. In either event, we will do our best to provide any support you need.

“I am sorry for the distress this email and these circumstances are no doubt causing.

The National: Lorna Slater

“If you need any further information, would like to contribute to [the Scottish Green Party] executive in writing, or would like support from the party during this process, please let us know by reply.”

The Herald reported that Molly had claimed taking screenshots of her tweets was a breach of privacy and that she would not comment further.

Earlier this month, the candidate criticised a book called The Women Who Wouldn't Wheesht, which includes essays from a number of gender-critical women, including the Harry Potter author.

Molly said the book was “deeply transphobic”, adding: “It puts the safety of all trans people at risk. Promoting hate does nothing but harm society. Trans people are not removing anyone’s rights.

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“The gender critical have removed trans people’s right to feel safe in public spaces.”

Rowling (below) responded: “I’m seriously impressed that you've been able to read and review an unpublished book of which there are currently only two copies in existence, neither of which have been lent to you.”

The National: JK Rowling

The writer then highlighted previous comments by Molly under a different Twitter/X handle. These included: “JK Rowling is a man larping as a woman. Pass it on!! Let’s shame the torn-faced cow.”

Larping is an abbreviation of live action role-playing.

In response to another post by the Green candidate, Rowling wrote: “I’m just interested in the language you use about women you don't like, Sophie. ‘Torn-faced’, ‘b*tch’ etc.”

Molly later told another user of Twitter/X: "I stand by those comments."

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A Scottish Greens spokesperson said: “We can confirm that our executive committee is scheduled to meet as normal on Wednesday.

“It would be inappropriate to comment on any individual cases that may be considered. Our code of conduct applies to all party members.”

Sharing The Herald article on her Twitter/X profile, Molly said: “Seeing as it's in the public domain now because I was illegally doxed by transphobes.

“Please email Scottish Greens and tell them that I must not be deselected. Trans people deserve representation and will not be bullied out of the public eye by transphobes.”

She told The National: "I'm the victim of an organised transphobic hate campaign by the Gender Critical. Their aim is to destroy me"