STEPHEN Flynn has been accused of thinking “he is already first minister” after Humza Yousaf’s resignation.

Ian Murray has previously accused the SNP Westminster leader of orchestrating the events which led to the First Minister’s resignation.

Flynn has previously called the accusation “a lie” – but Labour's shadow Scottish secretary continued his theme at Scotland Questions in the Commons on Wednesday morning.

He said: “The truth is that Scotland is trapped between two chaotic and failing governments. We’ve had three prime ministers and we’ll have had three first ministers in as many years.

“All the while the member for Aberdeen South thinks he is already first minister, by calling the shots but shooting himself firmly in the foot.”

Flynn has made it clear previously he was happy to see Yousaf end the Bute House Agreement, the abrupt termination of which ended his premiership.

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But the top SNP MP previously said the claims were “not true”. Speaking to the media earlier this week he said: “Nobody goes into the First Minister’s house and tells them what to do, let alone me.

“Any individual pushing this argument is overstating my influence.”

Flynn is known to have spoken to Yousaf in Edinburgh last Wednesday, the day before the First Minister terminated his power-sharing deal with the Scottish Greens

The National: Ian Murray

Continuing in the Commons, Murray (above) asked Scottish Secretary Alister Jack whether it was the Tories or the SNP who were “most scared of a General Election”.

This was met with jeers of “bring it on” from the SNP benches.

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Jack replied: “We absolutely do not fear an election, whether it’s a Holyrood election or a General Election. I mean, as I watch the Nationalists imploding again, I say bring it on.

“I hear them say ‘bring it on’ from a sedentary position. Bring it on, yes, bring it on. And just start chaps over there and chapesses, start polishing up your CVs.”

Flynn was approached for comment.