STEPHEN Flynn has demanded MPs be given a say if soldiers are sent to Gaza – as he warned of the “dramatic and potentially dangerous” development.

Rishi Sunak refused to say whether he was considering sending British troops to the Middle East after the SNP Westminster leader demanded “some much-needed clarity” on the issue.

It comes after Armed Forces Minister Leo Docherty on Monday said he would “not comment on speculation that there might be a ground role for UK forces” in Gaza, fuelling concern British troops may be sent to the region.

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Flynn said the public would hope that MPs “do not have a short memory when it comes to the potential deployment and involvement of our military in the Middle East” and demanded answers on the potential role of UK armed forces.

Sunak replied that the Commons would “expect me to get into any operational planning details” but said the UK Government was “absolutely committed to supporting international efforts to get more humanitarian aid into Gaza”.

Flynn said that aid was required in Palestine “because when people are not being bombed, they are starving to death”.

He added: “The solution to that is a ceasefire and the opening of safe ground routes, not the involvement on the ground of UK military personnel.

“These are dramatic and potentially dangerous developments. So will the Prime Minister confirm to the house today that before he makes a decision, all members will be afforded a vote?

The Prime Minister replied: “I’m not going to apologise for our armed forces playing a leading role in supporting international efforts to get more aid in.

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“And indeed, we are sending Royal Navy support ship RFA Cardigan Bay to the region to support that effort.

“But when he talks about this conflict, the fastest way to end this conflict is to ensure that we have a hostage deal that gets hostages out, aid in and for there to be a sustainable pause in the fighting.

“And it seems clear that there now is a workable offer on the table so I hope he joins with me in encouraging all parties including Hamas to accept that deal so we can move towards a sustainable solution.”