A TORY peer and former Cabinet member has argued for the Scottish Government to be better "policed" following the resignation of Humza Yousaf.

Lord David Frost, who has previously called for parts of devolution to be "rolled back", said the First Minister's departure marks a time to ensure Holyrood is "made" to focus on domestic issues and "nothing else".

Writing on Twitter/X following Yousaf's announcement on Monday, the former minister accused the SNP chief of doing "so much damage".

But he also appeared to take issue with the very concept of a referendum on Scottish independence being held in 2014, taking issue with the UK Government's approach to the constitution.

"Our government has conceded the principle, almost uniquely in the world, that our country can be broken up on the vote of just a small part of it," he wrote.

"And because the UK Government has over a long period given the Scottish 'Government' wholly excessive devolved powers and, until recently and principally thanks to Allister Jack, not policed them properly," he went on.

"Today will only be the end of the divisive politics of the SNP and their unpleasant and damaging Green allies if it becomes the start of a different kind of politics, with the goal of ensuring that the administration in Edinburgh is made to concentrate on its day job, running Scotland properly - and nothing else."

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Independence supporters did not welcome the unelected peer's intervention.

SNP MP Peter Grant was quick to point out a key flaw in Frost's argument.

"Scotland is not part of your country," he wrote. "It’s in a 'voluntary' union with your country and can leave that union whenever its people decide."

Grant's Westminster colleague Gavin Newlands chipped in: "A quick reminder that Baron Bomburst here has never been elected by anyone."

"This is a true reflection of the complete disregard and contempt that Scotland is afforded in the 'Union'," one person wrote.

Meanwhile, another added: "Talking of one individual doing so much damage..."

The National: UK chief trade negotiator, David Frost looks on as Prime Minister Boris Johnson signs the EU-UK Trade and Co-operation Agreement at 10 Downing Street (Leon Neal/PA)

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The former chief Brexit negotiator and Boris Johnson ally has long been outspoken about his distaste for the current devolution set-up.

Writing in The Telegraph last year, the peer said: "In particular, Scotland does not need to be an independent actor on the world stage; it should not be able to legislate to disrupt free trade within the UK; and it does not need to have most tax raising powers currently available to it."

Many Scottish Tories, including Murdo Fraser, publicly hit back at the comments and argued devolution was not the issue - instead pointing fingers at the SNP.