A SENIOR Conservative peer has been slammed for attacking Scottish devolution, including by some in his own party.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, former lead Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost urged Tory ministers, “if re-elected”, to begin to “review and roll back some currently devolved powers” in light of the probe into SNP finances.

“We, the Conservative Party and the Conservative Government, have allowed this to happen,” he wrote.

“It’s time to fix it. Ministers should make clear that, if re-elected, they will review and roll back some currently devolved powers.

“In particular, Scotland does not need to be an independent actor on the world stage; it should not be able to legislate to disrupt free trade within the UK; and it does not need to have most tax raising powers currently available to it."

The National:

His comments were widely condemned by both the SNP and some senior Scottish Tories.

Scottish Tory Murdo Fraser described the comments as “nonsense”, adding on Twitter: “Devolution has allowed us to shine a light on SNP failures. The @Conservatives will not be rolling it back.”

Fellow Tory MSP Stephen Kerr tweeted: “Strongly disagree with this article.

“A poor Scottish Government isn’t justification to roll back devolution, any more than issues at the UKGOV are justification for Scottish separation. Devolution works. It’s the SNP that are failing.”

He added: "Lord Frost's contribution threatens to undo much of the excellent work the UKGOV under Rishi Sunak has done in Scotland."

Tory constitution spokesperson Donald Cameron added: “What a load of baloney. Devolution hasn’t failed and no Conservative should want to reverse it.”

A Scottish Conservative spokesperson said: “Lord Frost is a backbench peer and entitled to his personal views.

“Our view, shared by the UK party, is that the problem is not with devolution but with this divided and distracted SNP Government.”

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn said Frost’s proposals show the “Tory mask has slipped”.

He added: “It’s clear Westminster’s repeated attacks on Scotland are a deliberate, co-ordinated attempt to reverse devolution, roll-back the powers of the Scottish Parliament and force Scotland under Westminster control.”

Scottish Constitution Secretary Angus Robertson said on Twitter: “The Tories are already attacking and undermining Scottish devolution. Now their Brexit negotiator @DavidGHFrost says they should ‘put it in reverse’.”